12 thoughts on “[RAW VIDEO] 120714 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.26

  1. the funny thing is Sora-ssii gave so much effort and leeteuk is to shy to show what he feels or he just do wgm as work . . . any way he already said sora is not his ideal type. .

    • sorry, but I didn’t agree with u. In this episode, Leeteuk seems very happy and he almost got everything that he wants from Sora-ssi. Sora didn’t do a lot of thing this time, from what I see Sora only followed what Teuk wants, but I thought Teuk is to shy to show what he feels. About his ideal type, in the begining Teuk said that Sora is not his ideal type, but in several radio show, Teuk mantioned that his ideal type is like Sorra.

    • @Qoymi, I don’t think so that Leeteuk will said that to Kang Sora or in public! but IF EVER Sora
      is not his ideal type of a woman he won’t say that either cause in the first place he got a contract
      at MBC for WGM show as on screen couple , Second; he is not that kind of a man that will say
      something an ethical that will hurts someone specially to Sora who’s his on screen wife!… If you
      are talking about in this Ep 26 were he had a conversation to Sora with the glass shoes as phone;

      Teuk says-> Actaully the person who’s wearing this high heel with this size is my ideal woman…
      Sora answered-> Really?, So if someone can’t wear it, she’s not your ideal woman?…
      Teuk answered-> That’s right!… Not my ideal woman…
      so, if you are pertaining to this conversation; YOU ARE WRONG!… cause at the end; Teuk says
      Yah! it fits you!… And that’s the message of their conversation… Please read & understand
      between the lines… Well if in REALITY that Kang Sora is NOT Leeteuk’s ideal woman then we
      will respect that!… And if you got that from the news or video, please share us the link!… Thanks!

      • Actually, Leeteuk and Sora admitted in the Christmas special that either one of them were initially each others’ ideal. Sora wasn’t Leeteuk’s ideal because she was too tall. Sora said that she didn’t have an ideal. However, both of them said that their respective partner were becoming their ideal.

  2. i re u kidding me….why u didnt watch de hug and kisses vidoe huh….didnt u see de way he kiss sora n de way he huged her in his eyes huh…..so wat re u talking abt…

  3. @QOYMI… maybe you didnt watched the full episode clearly… watch it carefully and you will see how much happy lee teuk with sora… i have a feeling that he really likes sora for real:)

  4. @mrs.luffy….u re damn rite n he is nt de only one bt sora 2 n i really hope dey can date 4 real nt 4 de show ooooooo…

    • me too… i really looking forward for them to get married in real life… for me they are the best couple.. they are so natural and sincere:) i LOVE them BOTH:)

  5. I wish and pray for that too ! I pray everyday for both of them to have a happy marriage and get lots of twins !
    we dnt hv to predict, just PRAY ! When they hv the Lord in the center of their lives ! They’re glued , binded together very tightly and protected by God’s love and protection !
    Sora is a christian, I can see that from the way she is, simple and humble. Always thinking about taking care of others before herself. Down to earth and all !

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