[NEWS] Leeteuk kisses Kang So Ra on her forehead

Leeteuk-Kang So Ra couple had their wedding photo shoot 10 months after their marriage began on the July 14th episode of MBC ‘We Got Married’.

Kang So Ra dressed up as a graceful sleeping beauty of the forest and together with Leeteuk posed for some beautiful shots. The photographer told the couple, “We’ll start the shoot with both of you laying down”, and Leeteuk-Kang So Ra couple looked taken a back for a moment.

Kang So Ra laid her head on Leeteuk’s arm and the photographer started taking pictures from above. Kang So Ra looked and turned herself towards Leeteuk and Leeteuk could not hide his smile.

For the next shoot the photographer requested that Leeteuk say something suitable for the sleeping beauty concept and Leeteuk obliged by saying, “The only way to wake you up is to kiss you deeply”, then he moved closer to Kang So Ra. But Leeteuk couldn’t close the distance and Kang So Ra tried to get up and he complained, “It’s not over yet, just stay down”, drawing a laughter from her.

Eventually Leeteuk closed his eyes and kissed Kang So Ra on her forehead. When the shoot was finished Leeteuk joked, “Can we continue shooting?”, making everyone laugh.

During the private interview Leeteuk stated, “Kissing on the forehead didn’t seem manly, so I contemplated whether I should kiss her on her lips. But I didn’t really want us to have our first kiss in front of so many people.”

Kang So Ra also spoke about the kiss, “I appreciated that oppa kissed me on the forehead. I thought he being considerate of me. I don’t think he wanted to have our first kiss like that either. I want us to have our first kiss when the emotions are right”, and they revealed very fond feelings towards each other.

Image: MBC ‘We Got Married’
Source: OSEN via

cr: JJ @kpopfever.com

nod..nod..agree..but please give us your sign if you both has 1st kisseeuuu~~ kkkk..


4 thoughts on “[NEWS] Leeteuk kisses Kang So Ra on her forehead

  1. if you say “I didn’t really want us to have our first kiss in front of so many people”, then isn’t it a sign that they may kiss in private meaning they’re dating…

  2. u re rite maybe dey have started dating bt havent kiss yet lol……so dey dnt want deir first kiss 2 be on de show ….lol

  3. thanks for sharing this!! xD
    I don’t have it yet… lol..
    I’m gonna grow old alone xD 😀

    OMG. I wish Teukie and KangSora will marry in reality…

  4. Wow ! Leetuek and Kand Sora gonna marry for real ! Signs that show soooooo obvious !Wanna prepare everybody for their future wedding ! When they get married for real. Ppl won’t be shocked or disappointed abt the news . Everyone will give their blessings to this beautiful, wonderful and fated for each other couple !! After or before he goes off to the army dn’t mind hearing the news that Sora is pregnant with TWINS !! hihihi One can wish about it ,right !! My support, love, blessings and prayers for Leetuek and Sora !!!

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