[TRANS] 120707 Sora’s birthday card message to Leeteuk

Yo!! Happy Birthday To You…

Kyyaak! Happy Birthday~

Now you are really 30, right? 30! THIRTY! Thirty! Scent of a man in his 30s (meaning golden time)!

It is really good that I can make preparations and receive Yeobong’s 30th birthday (with you) together.

We could not meet on both our anniversaries and my birthday. This time, I really, wholeheartedly hope that it will be 100% REAL that we can celebrate oppa’s birthday together.

Of course, compared to me, (oppa’s) fans, brothers-in-law and oppa’s family will meticulously and attentively assist you. I know I have many shortcomings, but I prepared these with my mind and authentic heart.

I am afraid that it will not match oppa’s taste*, so to play safe I have prepared oppa’s favourite white collection nicely…

On a nice day like this, I feel good and grateful …for being together (with oppa).

* To Sora, Teukie is an honest person. She was afraid that he would not say that Sora’s gifts did not please him.

Hangul source: 새벽달(bamzengi) at TSL Fancafe
Translated by Hanyi

she really know Leeteuk and all of people that surrounding him, she really have a sense 🙂


3 thoughts on “[TRANS] 120707 Sora’s birthday card message to Leeteuk

  1. she knows where she stands… she’s really sweet… she knows that there are people who are more important than she is, and she knows it… what a true person… she’s not only doing it for the show, because even though they are not REAL, they are friends…

  2. As a fans of Super Junior & most of it to TeukSora Dimple couple, I really like Kang Sora cause
    she’s really have a good sense of humor, understanding, respectful, genuine, thoughtful & sweet
    specially to the person she love & care!… For me she done all those things for Leeteuk’s birthday
    not just for the show but for the person that she really care… Leeteuk is so lucky to have her!… I
    hope & wish that they will have a REAL realtionshionship even after WGM… the best!… Cheers!.

  3. I alsoooooooooo agreeeeeeeeeee…………..sora is sooooooooooo sweetttttttt and lookss naive person…..love herrrrrrrrrrrr

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