[NEWS] Kang So Ra’s favorite muscle on Leeteuk?

Kang So Ra‘s pleased with Leeteuk‘s new muscular body.

Kang So Ra-Leeteuk couple went on a trip to Nami Island on the July 7th episode of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’.

On the day’s episode Kang So Ra and Leeteuk went on a romantic boat ride. The two helped each other put on the life vest like a loving couple.

Leeteuk joked worryingly, “Have there been cases where the boat sank or something”, and he made Kang So Ra laugh. When the two got on the boat and Leeteuk started rowing, Kang So Ra turned the camera on and started filming him.

Kang So Ra was asked what she was filming and she answered, “I filmed his handsome face. I filmed his face and him rowing the boat. I also filmed the part I like. Generally it’s a body part that’s filmed when you do an x-ray. I filmed his chest for the most part”, and she showed a shy smile.

Kang So Ra added, “Super Junior‘s leader Leeteuk’s body’s gone insane. The muscles are so cool”, and she burst into laughter.

Image: MBC ‘We Got Married’
Source: NewsEN via Nate

cr: kpopfever.com

thanks to Chastity Mayestika for the tip ^^!


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