[NEWS] Actress Kang So Ra and Super Junior’s Leeteuk finally shares a kiss

Actress Kang So Ra and Super Junior’s Leeteuk finally shared a kiss for the first time since they first met a year ago.

In the episode of MBC’s We Got Married 3 that aired on July 7, Kang organized a special event for Leeteuk’s birthday.

After their trip to island Namyee, Kang took her hubby to a restaurant for a special dinner for his birthday. The actress excused herself for a restroom and appeared again before a piano in the dark after a short blackout. The wife, who appeared in a huge ribbon in her head, sang the song “He.” The song was rearranged from “She,” which Leeteuk previously had sung for her.

After the sweet serenade, Kang knocked him off his feet again with some gifts, a collection of Lee’s favorite pure white stuffs and a white cake. Kang Sora congratulated her hubby’s birthday a bit early, saying, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to be with you on your birthday, so I prepared this surprise.”

While talking with his wife over white wine, Leeteuk took out a coupon for a wish, which he got as a gift. Leeteuk asked, “Guess what wish I ask to come true.” In response, Kang Sora stood up from the chair and looked like she was going to wisher something in Leeteuk’s ear, but she kiss him on the cheek all of sudden!

Surprised at Kang Sora’s sudden kiss, Leeteuk flushed his face and looked shy. In the behind-the-scene interview, Leeteuk revealed, “Actually, I thought I was going to give her a kiss on her lips. At the moment, Kang Sora gave me a surprise kiss, so I couldn’t.”

While the wife felt shy after the kiss, Leeteuk expressed further desire, quipping, “Well, I didn’t use my coupon. It’s still valid. Right?”

Source: Starnews

cr: en.korea.com

thanks Janet Villarin for the tip ^^!


10 thoughts on “[NEWS] Actress Kang So Ra and Super Junior’s Leeteuk finally shares a kiss

  1. thats what i like to kang sora shes not a pretender to be like prim and proper or like a very shy and innocent just like some kpop girl infront of the camera but opposite in real life.kang sora is just like ‘what you see is what you get’…so honest!

  2. what i really like about SoRa is that she’s not afraid of who she is, she’s herself, she’s clumsy, and not afraid to ask if she doesn’t know, and a very down-to-earth and humble person… basing on what i see, she’s a type of a person that whenever you needed someone to talk to, you can really rely on her, she’s really loyal and friendly person…

  3. Go Dimple couple! I would love to plan a surprise for them anytime. They only have to call and i’m there. Teukso ❤

    • . . . so pure and in an adorable way. (sorry for a two entry here, WP android sucks and somewhat sent my reply when Im not quite done!):-)

  4. I like Kang Sora because she has a good sense of humor, genuine, adorable and she will do it
    in her own simple way… I think she done all those surprises for Leeteuk’s birthday because she
    really wanted to celebrate with him not just for the show but he is a special to her auhtentic heart!.
    I love Kang Sora and I am hoiping & wishing for their REAL relationship with Leeteuk… Fighting!

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