[TWITTER] 120703 Leeteuk & Sora twitter update

@reveramess : 디올 신제품 런칭 행사장가는중입니당! 날씨는흐리지만 즐거운 맘으로다가~~ pic.twitter.com/6R1oNAFW

Trans by Hanyi @kangsora.wordpress.com :

“On my way to the event venue for the new product launch of Dior! Though it is cloudy my heart is filled with joy~~ “

@special1004 : 오늘 기자회견에 참석해주신 기자님들!!방송매체님들!!!감사합니다!!!^_________^ pic.twitter.com/QOIW3q28

Trans by @Jinnmeow :

@special1004: The reporters who participated in the press conference today!! broadcasting media!!! Thank you!!!^_________^

Our Dimple Couple so flawless~~ >___<



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