[NEWS] Kang So Ra’s happy with Leeteuk but mother advises marriage isn’t fantasy

Actress Kang So Ra opened up about her TV marriage and the reality of marriage.

Kang So Ra’s interview was featured on the July 1st episode of MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’ and she spoke about her TV marriage to Super Junior’s Leeteuk, “My fantasy about marriage has been filled up by 120%.”

Kang So Ra continued, “Performing a concert for me, the events, and the surprises, I really like those things. But I’ve never experienced those things in real life, not even after being asked out. I really haven’t experienced those things”, and she let out a heavy sigh.

Reporter Park Seul Gi continued to question, “Are you serious? There are many stars around me who really like you”, and upon hearing this Kang So Ra looked into the camera and stated, “Teuk oppa, you seeing this? I’m this kind of a woman”, and she made Park Seul Gi burst into laughter.

Kang So Ra added, “Because I’m receiving so much love right now, I think I’ll be disappointed when I get married for real. My mom told me that real marriage was different.”

Following her statement about her mother’s advice Kang So Ra joked, “Dad, don’t you think you should make some changes?”, drawing laughter again. Soon after Kang So Ra cut some slack for her father by saying, “I still love you dad.”

Image: MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’
Source: TV Daily via Nate

cr: kpopfever.com

thanks Janet Villarin for the tip ^^!


9 thoughts on “[NEWS] Kang So Ra’s happy with Leeteuk but mother advises marriage isn’t fantasy

  1. I can see that Kang Sora is really happy with Leeteuk, even though their marriage is just for
    the show, but she feels that way cause its a semi reality and their feelings is real cause its
    not scripted, as a woman if someone makes us special in every way it really make us happy
    & I can see that Leeteuk is happy with Kang Sora’s side… And on the other hand her mother
    is right!, that marriage is not fantasy… And for me we are the one who makes our destiny
    happen and its up to them to decide to continue their on screen relationship then it will happen
    no matter what!!!… For me Kang Sora is good for Leeteuk cause at her age she is so matured
    and she is understanding, caring, loving, to Leeteuk for real & she love the SJ brothers as her
    family… I love TEUKSORA Dimple couple the best!… FIGHTING!… (^__^)… Cheers!.

    • Really Agree with You:) Yes, I feel now They really is well-matched and completing each other so much. From the way we ship them, we could sense that the feeling is slowly but sure growing from both sides. And indeed the fact that WGM is only the virtual marriage can make us and both them back to the reality one. And only them who can decide to take the reel. For Sora, I think no one can\’t compare her for being Teuk\’s partner. She is so mature, caring, understanding, lovable, nice, kind, patient, get along well with SUJU\’s member, elegant, talented, quick-smart adjuster, what else? So many of her good sides to be impressed.

      Do you Guys notice on this episode that Sora kep teasing Teuk while talking with Sungmin, awwwwww she\’s so smart girl- And I love it when she\’s always stealing glance to Teuk before talking with Sungmin, Yeah Girl, make your husband crazily in jealous:)

      We can see, Park Jung So being jealous in real here, and his tone is higher when said \”Keroke Asiwo\” hahahaaaaaa, he\’s indeed marking his territory now – They are taken each other –

  2. I really wish I could get a husband like Teuk oppa…so jealous of unnie…
    Anyways I love them very much and wait for their wedding day!!

  3. True enough its a reality outside their show. They can still be able to do the events in their real marriage life . Up to them to decide ,they can really make a marriage more romantic and longer. They can make it happen, I believe in them ! LOVE conquers everything that gets in the way !
    Remember to put the Lord at the center of their lives then its perfect cos the Lord will hold them together !! \(^_^)/ yeah !! Love and prayers for the Leetuek Park Jung So and Kang Sora !!

  4. did anyone else find drunk teuk funny? LOL he was as red as a tomato, too! i think he was wanting to stay longer and not leave. aww ❤
    somebody wants more skinship LOLOL

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