[WGM Preview] 120630 Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.24

Leeteuk ♡ Sora: First Couple Trip ~♬
Leeteuk & Sora went on their first couple trip to Nami Island!
Learned from Sora that they were going on a trip to an island, Teukie was concerned about the end time of the boat service ~
Before departure, (the mission statement said that) the novice driver among the two should drive.
They decided to first fuel up the car and clean it by themselves.
After car cleaning, what was that humming which comes from the car after the fuel tank was full?

On the way to Nami Island, the Dimple Couple shared a dialogue in the car!
Leeteuk asked his wife about her meeting with No. 1 brother-in-law ~
It’s the moment of truth about the third person! Leeteuk tried to call Sungmin!
In the midst of the conversation, the husband lashed out of a sudden. What was the circumstance?

The Dimple Couple arrived the entrance of Nami Island finally!
Instead of taking a boat, the couple decided to take the wire in the air (Zipwire) ~
The height is 80m! Slowdown speed is 100km~ What would be their appearances in the sky?

The Dimple Couple walked around Nami Island and had lunch!
They talked about the clothes for wedding photo-shooting and thought that they should be in tuxedo and wedding dress~
What would be the style of their wedding which was completed directly?

Translated by Hanyi @Leeteuk&Sora Soompi thread

source: iMBC WGM


9 thoughts on “[WGM Preview] 120630 Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.24

  1. Yes me too..I think if they do their wedding photoshoot for next filming it means that they married will end.maybe its coming soon….so sad to hear that,,they even don’t have their honeymoon…I hope they wgm not end soon…until teukie must enlist,but there’s news just said teukie will join enlist this july,and why some news said that he will participation in mbc new reality show…

  2. pls don’t let their virtual wedding ended too early TT
    thinking the same thing like you, at least till the month when teukie enlist, huhu

  3. waaaahh.. they’re talking about their wedding photoshoot???! omo! I hope it’s not what I think. I hope it’s not the end… I still wanna see them more. I still.. want them to reach hundreds of episodes or for life! waaaahh… TT_TT

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