[NEWS] 120629 Kang So Ra was cast to dub the voice of “Princess Merida”

Actress Kang So Ra was cast to dub the voice of “Princess Merida” the leading character of the Disney Pixar animation film “Brave”, in its Korean adaptation.  Kang So Ra’s confident and wholesome image is perfect for the role, and was important in the decision to cast her in this opportunity.

For her first dubbing session, Kang So Ra gave a really natural performance which earned her praise from the voice director for her amazing skills. The voice director added that “Onomatopoeia and voice dub is not easy even for a veteran actress, and being able to do so is testament of an actress’ great potential”

Disney Pixar’s “Brave” is the story of Princess Merida and the magical forest. The film opened in the United States on June 22, and earned over $66M in its opening week, topping the American box office. The animation film is set to release domestically (in Korea) on September 27.

Original article: IssueDaily News 

Translation: @dowotee

thanks Gabrielie for the tip ^^!


2 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120629 Kang So Ra was cast to dub the voice of “Princess Merida”

  1. waah.. i just watch this movie 2 days ago >.<
    i want to see the korean ver. too, i want to hear sora's voice ❤

  2. Wow!…Congratulations to Baby Princess Kang Sora, she’s really a princess not only
    to Teukie’s eyes but to all of us who really love her & support her!… Fighting!… Cheers!.

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