[PICT] 120627 Leeteuk’s cyworld background update

cr: owner

thanks Janet Villarin for the tip ^^!

the background is very romantic >___<! nowadays Leeteuk always change his cyworld with a couple background..and look at the girl’s hair style, she looks like Sora rite?kekeke..maybe this background remind him about their trip on Nami Island..(delusional me..but who’s care? lalalalala…)


5 thoughts on “[PICT] 120627 Leeteuk’s cyworld background update

  1. I agree with you abt The girl in the picture is Sora ~ 100% support that !!
    What we think is the most powerful thing and it will come true when we truly believe it will !!
    I strongly believe that they are going to get married for real and hv their twins twins ! yeah !
    Aza aza let’s wish and believe !! ^^

  2. Me too!… I agree with you “VinniE” its really Sora… I love it!… And as I said before I became
    a Super Junior fans after I saw the first Episode of Dimple Couple & searching about Super
    Junior and I am amazed of their closeness as a brother and most of it to Leeteuk as a leader.
    And I can see that Leeteuk likes Kang Sora right from the first time they meet in the first Ep….
    But as what I have observed to Leeteuk his unpredictable, and as what kang Sora said that
    Leeteuk has a withdrawal personality & I hope that Teukie & Sora will have a real relationship
    even the show will be finish… Dimple Couple, we love you!… Fighting!!!… Cheers!.

  3. you will see whole cyworld skin by Internet Explorer. the envelope of middle says. ” we recommend to browse cyworld via Internet Exploer” you will find the skin in the middle is pink.

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