[SPOILER TRANS] 120326 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.23 (Pajamas Time)


Translated by Hanyi or @Hanyissi at Leeteuk & Sora Soompi thread

share by Hety Melinda on DC page

120623 Spoiler Translations :

Subtitle: After the hot-blood tango, exhausted couple sitting side by side
LT: Since we are now at home, to ease our tense … (interrupted by MC Na Young: Oh they are in couple pyjamas!)
LT: Tired, right? (Sora nodded) That said, because we did tangoed together we came closer to each other (Sora nodded again)
Subtitle: (Couple relationship) confession moment..red rope
LT: Though tango is difficult, it is interesting, right
SR: Right. I plan to continue learning, how about you?
LT: oh..yes, I intend to continue learning. At first it was awkward to have such skinship, but it will become more natural later..
SR: BUT when you are practising with the teacher, you blushed as well… (background laughter)
LT: uhg?
SR: When you danced with the female teacher, you blushed…Seems that you will blush when dancing with any girl whoever
LT: Arr…B..lush…
SR: Seems that you feel good…it’s ok…
LT: It’s because it was embarassing…
SR: I understand it. So it’s different when you were dancing with me…
LT: For sure it is different
SR: I get it
LT: In future when we practice more, we can dance nicely like the teachers
SR: And with our dancing outfits on
Subtitle: Couple dreaming to have the ability to dance nicely
LT: Do you want to review what we have learned? (Sora agreed) It’s really weird to have our pyjamas. (Sora: hehe)
Subtitle: Couple practising couple tango in couple pyjamas ^^
LT: I start with left leg, right
SR: Yeah, oppa starts with left leg and I with right leg first
SR: Turn (LT: let’s try turning)
LT: (You’re) really light (MC panel bursted into laughter)
SR: You blushed…(she tapped gently on Teukie’s arm) Look, your ear turned red! It turned red!
LT: No, it’s not red/blush. It used to be like that.
(After unloading Sora on the sofa) LT: So light, were you on diet? (Sora denied)
Subtitle: Sora was as light as a feather to bridegroom Teukie
SR: I took away about 3 kg
LT: Did you feel muscle fatigue?
SR: Here, here, here. Turn around, I’ll give you back massage
LT: No no no (yet he turned around) I should give you massage ….oh it’s comfortable
SR: Comfortable? LT: Totally comfortable!
LT: Not long ago I met a report and learned that the calves is the second heart of the human body. You have to massage it often to relieve it.
SR: I will help you massage the calves later
LT: Later? No..wait a moment (Teukie headed to the toilet)
SR: Why? (LT: yeah) Really? Now? LT: yeah
SR: Let’s help each other LT: No no, just wait
Subtitle said Sora was touched and MC Jake commented: “Aiiii, another tiring Saturday AGAIN?!” Subtitle teased Teukie for his complete preparation of the towel.
SR: What is this?
LT: It’s aroma
SR: Let’s soak our feet together
LT: It’s for one person
SR: Then each of us can just soak one foot. LT: NO!
Subtitle: Romanteuk who releved Sora’s tiredness
LT: Soak for a while. Just relax and don’t watch at it often
SR: Let’s do it together LT: No, no, no. Why?
LT: Wait. (He started massaging Sora’s calves) Comfortable? SR: Yes, very comfortable
SR: Oh, so comfortable that I want to sleep.
LT: Then, you can go to sleep (Sora relaxed herslef and closed her eyes)
MC Jake: It’s good to learn tango
Subtitle: Special tiredness relief dosage by bridegroom Teukie
LT: Comfortable? SR: Yes
Subtitle: Couple immersed in the happiness of foot massage. Sora was so grateful that he caressed Teukie’s hair. But in the midst of the romantic moment Sora discovered a grey hair. She removed it and Teukie shouted for pain.
LT: Don’t look for my grey hair. I am growing it.
SR: Why? (Subtitle: the irrationality of 30 year-old bridegroom)
SR: Thank you for your hard work. LT: Wait, wait (He dried Sora’s foot and started to massage his foot)
After Teukie finished serving Sora, Sora volunteered to serve him but Teukie denied.
SR: It’s my turn to serve you. Get up, 1,2,3 LT: No, no, it’s ok.
SR: Didn’t we agree (to serve each other)? Nngggggmmm
MC panel was crazily teasing Sora’s aegyo. Male MC even covered his eyes up! MC Misun: It’s really difficult for us!!
LT: Please do it later.
SR: Promise?
LT: Whole body massage?
SR: OK! Call! Front! Back! Whole body
LT: Can you do it? Won’t be uncomfortable?
SR: If it’s uncomfortable…
LT: OK, next time please give me whole body massage
SR: I’ll give you foot massage as well
LT: Tomorrow (we) have to go out early…let’s go sleeping early
SR: Ooorr. OK
LT: Ooorr? Let’s sleep quickly.
SR: Let’s try the turning step
[Teukie send Sora to the bedroom]
MC Misun: Why are they doing this? It is still high noon of Saturday!
LT: Let’s use the blanket. Though it is warm let’s just cover the blanket for once! Let me switch off the light.
LT: Let’s sleep.
[They covered themselves with the blanket]
MC: We don’t know whether they are holding hands or kissed…
Teukie laughed when Sora yawned: I’m really sleepy.


3 thoughts on “[SPOILER TRANS] 120326 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.23 (Pajamas Time)

  1. Oh my gosh… I really love it!….they are so sweet & caring with each other, from tango which
    they build up their skinship that makes them a little bit closer, then a foot massage from
    husband “Teukie” with a loving hair touch from wife Sora, they are really a real couple now…
    And the best & memorable part that makes us happy… Dimple couple have their first night
    sleeping together at their “Dimple’s House.. Which our Prince Teukie dream the most!…
    I love it!… Two thumbs up for TeukSora couple… the best!… Awesome!… (^__^)…. Cheers!.

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