[NEWS] Kang So Ra, “My heart raced during the kiss performance with Leeteuk”

Leeteuk and Kang So Ra couple practiced the kiss performance.

On the June 23rd episode of MBC ‘We Got Married’, Leeteuk and Kang So Ra learned to tango from professional dancer Jo Sang Hyo. The couple chose to practice tango to increase the level of closeness between the two.

As the couple entered the dance practice studio, Leeteuk asked the dance instructor, “Would tango be good for a married couple?”, and the instructor answered, “It’s very good because the skinship becomes natural.”

Leeteuk practiced a tango move that had him tightly pressed up against Kang So Ra and he looked very pleased but shy. When the instructor showed the kiss motion Leeteuk jokingly asked, “Don’t you do it for real?”, and the instructor answered, “Just do what your emotion tells you. If you want to you can do it for real”, and the room seemed to get just a little hotter.

The instructor stated as he taught the kiss performance, “You just have to pose as if you’re kissing”, but Leeteuk couldn’t even make eye contact with Kang So Ra. Leeteuk told Kang So Ra, “You’ve done many kiss scenes. I’ve never done it.”, but then Kang So Ra came back harder, “Then how many times have you kissed privately?”

After a long struggle Leeteuk was finally able to look at Kang So Ra’s face, but now Kang So Ra couldn’t stop laughing.

During the private interview Kang So Ra stated, “It was nice. Looking his eyes my heart raced and I felt like I became a young girl again. Inside my mind I was asking ‘Would he kiss or not?” The interviewer asked, “How do you think it would have felt if he did kiss you?, to which Kang So Ra answered, “Gently go along with it as if I couldn’t refuse..didn’t do it.”

Leeteuk spoke about the kiss performance, “I thought ‘Could I really kiss her?’”, then looking at the production staff he stated, “You think I couldn’t do it? I can do it”, but then he got embarrassed just saying those words.

All in all it was a day which helped the couple find their closeness again after a long time away from each other.

cr: JJ @kpopfever.com

thanks Janet for your tip 🙂


3 thoughts on “[NEWS] Kang So Ra, “My heart raced during the kiss performance with Leeteuk”

  1. fighting oppah, why you did not do it? it’s your chance to do it… hehehe it’s ok oppah there are time for that to come… and i think you can do it in your honeymoon…hehehe how nice you two seeing so closer right now i wonder if you and kang sora unni will kiss soon… hope that will come soon, and just take care of kang sora oppah… and always think that kang sora unni wan’t it too do it so…. hehehe take care oppah.. fighting saranghae…

  2. I couldn’t understand “Leeteuk”, why he kept on asking about the kiss infact he already ask
    to Kang Sora before if its okay with her! and Kang Sora said “YES” to him but she laugh might
    be she’s shy about the question… But if he really feel for REAL to Kang Sora he should do it
    without asking, anyway the kiss can be happen for the two people who really feel in love with
    each other… At his age he knows about that!… But anyway I’m also hoping that they will have
    a REAL relationship not just for the show…well everything will be happen if Leeteuk will do the
    first move… Fighting!… Cheers!.

  3. How he feels only he knows ! Pooh ! Sora was anticipating for the kiss..! I am very sure that he has feelings for her and she for him !! Its very obvious through their body language !! Thats what i want to see !! Anyway, I’m wondering, did they really slept together that night at their new house !! hehe That made me thought of the TWINS ! Aza aza fighting ! Leetuek Park Jung So and Kang Sora !

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