[NEWS] 120621 Super Junior In Dorm Interview for Sports Seoul – Leeteuk

Visiting Super Junior’s dorm

Across the world KPOP is gaining fame. Within the industry, leading the pack is SM Entertainment’s Super Junior, which debuted in 2005 and has been active for 8 years and created songs and dances that everyone can follow. They have presented to fans all over the world a caring image. Their hard work has been acknowledged this January when Super Junior gained the daesang for the “21st High One Seoul Gayo Daesang” hosted by Sports Seoul.

June 22 marks the 27th year of publication of Sports Seoul, and in memorial of “KPOP TOP STAR”, Sports Seoul found Super Junior’s Seoul dorms, how will the living space of the top idol group be like?

Contrary to Eunhyuk are the more “hidden” members Eeteuk and Donghae. These two people stay in the dorm more, when they look at each other gives off a rare mysterious aura. If they can’t see each other they will call and ask “where are you” “what are you doing”. The two of them laughingly say, “It’s as if we’re following our girlfriends.”

– Are there any places where the members are uncomfortable while staying together, and what are the good points?

Eeteuk: it’s inconvenient because there is no privacy, in truth (we) want to fall in love and have girlfriends, but if we talk on the phone in our rooms, there will be members who come in and keep asking “who are you talking to?” But there are many good things, one of them is that you don’t feel lonely, and when you’re tired and want somebody to talk to, there are friends all together.

– Any hopes of what the company will do to the dorms?

Eeteuk: The 12th floor dorms’ dining table and chairs could be changed, since we were trainees we’ve been using them and now they feel uncomfortable. Hopefully we can get chairs with backs. When using backless chairs while eating, the waist will feel very painful, haha.

(all trans can read from : HERE )

Source: Sports Seoul
Chinese Translation by: Rachelmu
English Translation by: @snugmin for @raichanxd only

cr: sup3rjunior.com


4 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120621 Super Junior In Dorm Interview for Sports Seoul – Leeteuk

  1. actually, after reading the whole article (thanks for posting the link!) i don’t feel sorry for them at all, looks like a good life hehe 🙂

  2. Hi! DC Lovers, is anyone knows if Leeteuk has a real girlfriend?… or he really
    have a REAL relationship with our dearest Baby Princess “Kang Sora!”… I am
    just curious with his answers in their interview at the dorm, and also I saw his
    photo in a news that he was with Jessica?… I am just hoping that he has a real
    feelings to Kang Sora… Fighting!…

  3. someone told me about somethin that in super junior only leeteuk,ryeowook, and i forgot kyu i think who doesnt have any girlfriends anymore…

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