[SPOILER TRANS] WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.22 (Part 1)

Back to the day Super Junior went to Paris..halfway, Leeteuk  approached Sungmin to ask something. Apparently Sora met Sungmin without Teuk knowing and Teuk complained why Sungmin didn’t tell him. Sungmin defended it was by coincidence. Leeteuk complained to Sungmin should have called him right away >v<

Leeteuk : “Since I’m in france, I’m curious how is Sora doing now”.

7th April Sora in airport, same airport back in ep 4 and 5 with the skull scarf and the.americano?ahh good memory..

Back in giants baseball, Sora gonna do the V-sign mission!! ahhhhhhh!succeed!!

26th April Baeksang Award day in Seoul, Sora had another video message in the car

In the black room Sora said she’s so understand to Leeteuk, because Leeteuk’s character is introvert, so she becomes more extrovert >_<

At interview, so funny questioned, why he and Sora sat far away from each other. Teuk said it feels like they just met for the first time.

Sora questions to Teuk : “Within this 4 months, when was the time that he missed his wife the most…?”

Leeteuk answered : “During the dawn..and every Saturday,5.15pm”. Leeteuk said it doesn’t feel good when he turn on the TV and saw other show being broadcasted..

to be continued…. ^^

trans by: @33_mieru

caps by : VinniE

(please take out with proper credit, thanks ^^)

3 thoughts on “[SPOILER TRANS] WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.22 (Part 1)

  1. why now I like to feel they are awkward and seems like Leeteuk as if to distance themselves from sora? they look like there’s no chemistry now,especially Leeteuk. really different from previous episodes. and i think now they seem really only to matters. hahaha ,

  2. I love Sora’s mission “V signs” in baseball game, in the other hand ” Video letters” showed that they still miss each other. I ‘m happy that they come back . From this episode i have been a lot of laugh although don’t understand at all. ” Happy “, ” laugh” ,”Smiles” are wonderful gift from this couple to people who were touched by heart. Time is the best answer for proof everything ^ ^ I would like to thank Admin and team who worked so hard for lovely blog. ^ ^


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