[NEWS] Leeteuk removes his shirt for Kang Sora on ‘We Got Married’

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk showcased some of his hidden muscles.

On the June 16th broadcast of MBC TV‘s ‘We Got Married‘, the Leeteuk-Kang Sora couple reunited at their newlywed home for the first time in four months.

To overcome the slightly awkward tension, the two began to catch up when Kang Sora noticed something different about her on-air husband.

Have you been working out?” she asked him, and Leeteuk who looked embarrassed suddenly took his shirt off for Sora, revealing his surprisingly chiseled body.

Kang Sora then praised his hard work, remarking that she thought his buff body juxtaposing his baby face was quite appealing.

The two then decided to learn ‘dance sports’, where Leeteuk blushed upon laying eyes on Kang Sora dressed in an outfit which displayed her long, shapely legs.

cr: allkpop

thanks MC Squared for the tip ^^!


2 thoughts on “[NEWS] Leeteuk removes his shirt for Kang Sora on ‘We Got Married’

  1. Yeh!… Kang sora is so sexy & gorgeous wearing those beautiful dance
    costume and I can see that Teukie is so surprised & happy to see his
    sexy wife… I love it! & I can wait again to see both dancing. I love this
    Dimple Couple a lot!… the best!… Cheers!.

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