11 thoughts on “[RAW VIDEO] 120616 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.22 (Dailymotion)

  1. i dont know why but i dont feel their affection towards each other in dis epi..i hope leeteuk’s feeling still the same like those times..i love both of them being together..

  2. Thank you so much for uploading it here even it is Raw but it makes me so happy
    and I can see that Leeteuk its a bit awkward to Kang Sora and Sora is trying her
    best not to show her awkwardness to Teuk, but so far so good!, and I can see that
    both of them are so happy see & met each other again… And its good that they are
    trying now their skinship cause that makes them closer to each other… I really love
    it!… the best TeukSora Dimple couple…(^__^)… Cheers!.

  3. I’m pretty sure that Teukie cannot sleep well after filming that Ep 22, cause
    Kang Sora’s is so sexy of those outfit!… I love this couple very much!. (^__^).

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