35 thoughts on “[SPOILER PREVIEW] WGM Leeteuk & Sora Dimple Couple Ep.22

  1. looks like they will do a real dance number! I’m glad they are not awkward on their first meeting after being separated for 3 months. Can’t wait for Saturday!!

  2. awwww lalalalalala the long wait is over….gosh i miss DIMPLE COUPLE so much….wink.. wink…i’m so happy….;))

  3. hahhaaha.. kang so ra’s ring is on her neck, ’cause it’s to big…
    i’ve been waiting for this all the time..

  4. Can’t wait for saturday.. I so miss this couple.. good thing that they weren’t awkward after a long time… I wish that they could continue until leeteuk enter the army.. I’m guessing that the farewell of this two would be dramatic… =)

  5. 000H YEEAAAAH ~ I no longer believed that . . . ! When Leeteuk went to Paris : The sign with the teddy was for Kang Sora *-* ! :Cry: I love Dimple Couple T-T ! Thank you for the come-back ~ I am not able to live without them !

  6. i never watch any WGM. i mean , i didnt watch any couple in full episode etc. but Dimple Couple WGM is the first couple i watch and enjoy it till now!

  7. Oh gosh… I can feel the heat of the excitement of all the DC Lovers including me,
    and this Saturday is the most awaited ever come back episode of our “Adorable
    Gorgeous Dimple Couple” , we can’t wait to see it!… To all TeukSora Dimple Couple
    Lovers… FIGHTING!!… (^__^)…. Cheers!.

  8. leeteuk oppah leader of super junior… and kang sora unni wife of leeteuk oppah fighting… please stay longer and don’t fight and love each-other forever… and oppah stay with kang sora unni for long time before going to inlist in military service… saranghae fighting… dimple couple forever…

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