[HOT NEWS!] 120605 “We Got Married” Woojung & Dimple Couple to resume filming and airing this June,16th ^^!

[TV News Report by Jeon Sunhwa] MBC group said in accordance after the general strike of suspension to MBC TV show “We Got Married” on March 31st, the broadcasting of the show will resume.
MBC stated that in the past four days of June, they have been planning on re-running the program at 5:15PM during Wednesdays. According to a report from MBC, the show will resume filming this June and the shooting will start again. This will also cause a few show re-runs and some shows will be edited. An official from MBC has announced that the show will resume and it will not cause anymore manpower anxiety.
MBC released an official statement for the strike of “We Got Married” that the Woojung couple will still be the same. And for the Leeteuk and Sora couple, they will shoot only extra parts for the mean time.
News crew and staff will be contacted for the resuming of the show. MBC is currently fixing on their shows’ time slots for next week since We Got Married will resume filming. Some shows will have to be re-run again. In 10 days, the filming will begin in Korea. This June 9th, Super Junior will go to Taiwan for SMTOWN’s World Tour concert at the Hsinchu County Stadium.
[Some parts were omitted.]
Source: media.daum.net
English translation by heesunnie17 of http://worldwideelfs.com
thanks Yana Chan for the tip ^^!

so WGM will be airing again this June, 16th ^__________^!! smile widely..happy happy..very happy..love you all DC Lovers~~ :* BIG HUG and let’s the party..!!

33 thoughts on “[HOT NEWS!] 120605 “We Got Married” Woojung & Dimple Couple to resume filming and airing this June,16th ^^!

  1. The power of prayers and believing ! Thank you , MBC ! Hope the DC can hv their honeymoon in Taiwan since Leetuek is going there for the concert ! It’ll be fun to see her with the SJ. Their sis-in-law !!

  2. what does it mean by ‘they will shoot only extra parts for the mean time’ for the dimple couple.. it sound like it will only be few episode.
    i also heard that leetuek this year has be enlisted to enter the army this year. =(

  3. I’m so happy…I love this news! We’ll get to see more of the Dimple Couple before Leeteuk leaves for the military…Amazing 🙂

  4. this is the BEST summer VACATION ever…. DIMPLE couple makes my HEART swell!! I’m SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Well, first its nice to hear that news I really missed the Dimple couple very much but I
    don’t want to over power my excitement cause it might not happen & I will believe it
    until it will be air again in the TV… But I’m still hoping!… finger cross!… Cheers!.

  6. ohhhh…………………..i cant wait anymore to see they together again i hope they real couple in real life because i see leeteuk fall in love with sora in first sight????

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