[INSIGHT] Kang Sora in SURE Magazine Interview – DC WGM’s Honeymoon plan

To all DC Lovers..

before you read this article..I’m pretty sure all of you maybe can’t resist anymore when our Dimple Couple and WGM back! don’t you? until this day we just only heard rumor not an official statement from MBC..so please..please be positive (even though that’s your choice ^^)

so regarding the article before on 120418 : WGM’s PD met Dimple Couple

we know we really anticipated it! and that’s a best rumor..but unfortunately MBC’s strike is not end and we can’t clearly know what happened in there! (I wish some Korean DC Lovers can share about this T___T)

NOW..Sora has an Interview on SURE magazine on May 2012 : SURE Magazine article

They asked about “We Got Married” to Sora and here the proof :

VinniE trans :

Nowadays “We Got Married” could not be find in. How about that?
Not long ago, “We Got Married” in charge of the PD, meet the artist (DC and Woojung), I used to eat together. And the day before, PD had dinner with Leeteuk oppa. “Where shall honeymoon” the things about come out, you need to shoot that would have to mean going to travel

@Hanyissi trans :

Sora dined with Teukie before dining with the WGM’s Director & Writer some time ago! She talked about honeymoon destination with Teukie! Sora & Teukie met the WGM staff separately, but the two also met! Will try to do the full translation after breakfast.

you can choose what you believe but it’s all about their honeymoon plan, Sora admit it >___<!.. and this all plan CANCELED because MBC’s strike @#$%^&* !!! sigh…


11 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] Kang Sora in SURE Magazine Interview – DC WGM’s Honeymoon plan

  1. Aigooo .. so tired with MBC Strike … but this article make me hope that they will filming again

    • Me too!, I wish that “WGM Dimple Couple” will be back on filming & air before Leeteuk
      will go for military service… I miss this couple very much!…Fighting!… Cheers!.

  2. they’re both joking with us…because they will giving us a big surprise…..fufu…im so happy to hear that DC Lovers Fighting~~~!!!!!!

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