[NEWS] Kang Sora on K-SWISS event June, 1st 2012

[Case on ‘ pop-up store FIFTEEN: LOVE # 2]

06/01 (Fri)/Hongda T-bar social sports, indie band live performances, artist and full of fun with such exhibiting artwork, p. f. teen love is a couple of days left!

Among them, hitting one of you would expect, the rivers Sora and surprise event perhaps? * _ * Actress Kang Sora and surprise WII game will start at 7: 00 in the evening confrontation! In the field, along with the ‘ direct ‘ 3 men pulled up, enjoying the WII game will also have a special gift at the Sora River!!

WII games are available for free from 3 p.m. practice inconceivable! Please come and have fun!! ^-^ * Detailed event Guide: http://kswisslove.com/20157517001

cr: Kswisskorea

thanks Hanan Abdul Rahim for the tip ^^!


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