[INSIGHT] Dimple Couple Saranghae~ ^^ (Part 1)

I love to share this to all of you DC Lovers <3, hope you like it..you can write a comment about this pict..I think we are the same..really really miss them soooo much TT____TT

holding hands..dorky couple..same thought..imitate shy gesture..gyaaaahh..bring back them to us ;____;



13 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] Dimple Couple Saranghae~ ^^ (Part 1)

  1. Miss them sooo much. i watched other wgm couples, like kangin, gain. But they give a different vibe. Please be back on air !

  2. Agree Agree Agree with you all ! MBC…plsssssss put them on air again ! Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls !
    Thank you ! Pray that they can see our pleas or at least feel the vibes of pleas !

  3. Are there anything we can do to ask the MBC to put it back on again? It’s sad that we can do nothing but just wait and wait and wait…………………TT Miss them so much……../ – \

  4. Tissues! I cry so much these days cos I miss them too much! By the way, does anyone know if it is Sora’s habit to wear 2 rings on her left hand ring finger (like she did at Paksen award)? The 2 rings on her left hand is really suspicious because 1 ring is a simple gold/silver one. It may not be the couple ring that LT gave but maybe he gave her another? (delusional!! sorry!)

  5. Any of our Dimple couple can get through any net that can lead to Korea, MBC. Like korean DC lovers.
    Hoping that they can see all these comments !!

  6. its just so unfair, why did it have to stop so suddenly. why now of all times. bring DIMPLE COUPLE BACK! PLZ!!!!my saturdays have been so empty every since wgm stopped. TT____TT;;

  7. Hope they will be bak!!! Missing them like crazy T_T!!!!

    BTW: wouldn’t it be awesome if they appeared in the mv of super junior 6th album?? Like the Woojung couple??

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