5 thoughts on “[PICT] 120522 Kang Sora – KOOKSOONDANG Ad Poster

  1. Wow! Our Baby Princess sexy & gorgeous… If Leeteuk can see this photos…
    I can’t imagine what he gonna say to his gorgeous & beautiful wife…I love
    it!… TeukSora Couple… Fighting!!!… Cheers!.

  2. wow~ before this i just see her as cute, innocent, beautiful~ but now~ sexy~ xD wondering what would Leeteuk says if he see this~

    and if he’s reading and he can understand what we write here,

    Leeteuk! grab and hold her tight! and marry her for real! πŸ˜€

    • I agree, we all wonder about leeteuk’s facial expression and inner feelings when he lays his eyes on theses super sexy sora pics ~!!! someone go film him lol

  3. Sora is so hot, I would totally marry her and I’m a girl so boys must go crazy over her XD omg Leeteuk you are lucky and you know it!! kekekeke~~~<3 DIMPLE COUPLE 4EVA!

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