[INSIGHT] Leeteuk with double “V” sign nowadays and rumor about WGM filming again!

Sora give Leeteuk the secret missions : double “V” sign

and nowadays he do that everytime and everywhere..I wonder if Leeteuk purposely do that for Sora ^^!

120521 Leeteuk Twitter Update: I feel so nervous and excited~^^ㅋㅋ

@special1004: The flight delayed almost 2 hours…ㅠㅠ Finally (we’re) going to San Francisco now~^^ I’ll be back after having an awesome concert at Google’s head office! I feel so nervous and excited~^^ㅋㅋ

120522 Leeteuk & Eunhyuk at MBC with Google’s Korean Music Wave

cr: as tagged and thanks to Eika Gurlz for the tip ^^!

He do that double “V” sign again! It’s very meaningful when he do that with full thought and even though we may delusional about this..so what? hehehe..our couple has their own way to sent a sign right :)?

and now the rumor that always we waiting for ^^! who’s excited?? by the way if you doubt about this news, I said this a RUMOR, so I hope you can see this in positive meaning, we are DC Lovers okay 😀

The rumor come from Korean DC Lovers in our facebook page, her name is Sunyoun Kang, she wrote:

I’m Korean fan of Dimple Couple(leeteuk&kangsora)

I will be given unofficial news, teuk&sora will start shooting ‘We got married”
After encore concerts in Korea. may 26. 27

I was excited over this latest piece of information, yesterday.
Wait together good new^^

so all we have to do just pray and hope it will be TRUE <333

cr: Sunyoun Kang


16 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] Leeteuk with double “V” sign nowadays and rumor about WGM filming again!

  1. i hope it’s true!! ❤
    and even if it's not, it seems as if him posing like that is proof to the world and to sora "I haven't forgotten!" ❤

  2. If you are a true follower of TeukSora, you will believe that every movement they make are hints of what they really are. The double V sign was started by them in episode 8 and ever since has been flashing it. LT changing his cyworld is also a sign! I like it when we all become delusional because it shows we are supporting our TeukSora couple! woohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh!… I’m shaking!… I am so happy to hear this news… fingers cross!!!…
    Hopefully it will come true!…that Leeteuk & Kang Sora will be filming again in
    WGM… I am so happy for this news!… Thank you so much “Sunyou Kang & VinniE”
    for sharing this to us the DC Lovers… I am so excited!… TeukSora Fighting!…

  4. Is it true? Really? Yeaaaaayyyyyy finally…. I hope it will air soon… Cause i miss them so much.. Dimple couple…. Fightinggg!!!!!!!

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