13 thoughts on “[PICT] Kang Sora in New York

  1. Kang Sora told to Leeteuk before that after her drama & CF photo shoot,
    she wants to have a holiday…
    And If that WGM show was still on air I’m pretty sure Leeteuk is with her
    in NY cause Leeteuk management will sort it out even how busy it is cause
    its part of their contract, but since the show is off the air “Leeteuk” cannot go
    with her even if he wanted too because of his busy sched… But will never
    know might be he still communicating with Kang Sora secretly… And recently
    I saw Leeteuk in Strong Heart show, he is so sad & lonely might be he knows
    that Kang Sora is in NY… His body is in the show but his heart & mind is in
    New York!… I just hope & wish for them to be together for real… TEUKSORA
    Dimple couple, Fighting!!!… We love you both & we will support you!… cheers!.

    • I saw it too, his heart wasn’t there !
      Wish tht when Sora comes back, They’ll hv a show or event together !
      I believe tht they’re still communicating each other !
      Sora looks so lost too in the photo with the fountain.

      • As a fans of TeukSora Dimple couple, we are all wishing that this two hearts
        will be together for Real… But for me everything will be possible if Leeteuk
        will do something to make it real cause Kang Sora is just waiting for him… I
        love this Dimple Couple very much!… Fighting!!!.

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