[INSIGHT] “V” Pose is a Secret Missions?

“V” pose on their pict or taken maybe just an usual pose, but when it was intentionally done and you think about one person..it will be make a “special” right :)? until now..Leeteuk in some fantaken on SS4 or another event do this pose, same with Sora ^^!


10 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] “V” Pose is a Secret Missions?

  1. how much obstacles they have to face… T.T but those made them even closer and stronger…. be strong kangsora and leeteuk!!! sob…sob….

  2. If there was no announcement of them getting off the show, or WGM cancelling, so Teukie and Sora are still considered as a couple – at least a WGM couple. Missing them much – so thinking positively is only way to do it. Do other FD think so too?

    • I agree with you ! thinking positively is the best way to keep the faith that they’re going to be together forever !
      I always believe that they will be married for real !! YES !
      Look at them ! They look so much alike ! There’s a saying :when a couple look alike, they’re destined to be together ! Even their fingers are alike ! cool !!

  3. I think not yet… they still airing the Music and Lyrics, which is not as good as WGM… Bring our TeukSo back please…!!!

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