[INSIGHT] 120511 Love JK interview – Leeteuk drinks Americano


In this interview JK asked What Leeteuk’s order if he visit there?

Leeteuk’s mom said this :

We know that Leeteuk can’t drink this on Ep.5 but Sora like Americano ^____^ :

But for Sora..he learned to drink her favorite! AMERICANO COFFEE..that’s so sweet right ^____^ ?


11 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] 120511 Love JK interview – Leeteuk drinks Americano

  1. well i hope leeteuk never forget sora…but why leeteuk unfollowed sora in tweeter but sora still follow teukie? i hope WGM teukso couple will air soon…..MBC please hear the fans plea..stop that strike!!!jeezz!!!ur so annoying!!!!

    • Maybe because leeteuk have a girlfriend now,and he wanna tell to us about that.and he want us know and and understand that the relationship betwen him and sora just a profesionall relationship,no more..its weird to think why leeteuk do this..they can still being friends even wgm its over..just like ga in and jokwon or khuntoria couple..right???

      • Yeah..I think your right…I’m kinda depress on what you said,but its a possibility,as a fan what I really want for them is the best..what ever their choices are I hope they are happy with it…I hope they still remain friends even after the show..but I really like them 2 to be together..hoping…hoping….hoping…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • I hope so,,,I hope they can always care about each other even the show is end.they can still being friends…and if I can,I wanna asking about this to leeteuk…why he do that,and if he have a girlfriend now,why he must do any events to sora,it is just acting?I hope sora will happy,because sora is so pure,and lovely.

  2. Hwaiting! DC lovers! We all have one common bond – we love our Dimple Couple! It’s amazing to make talk to friends all over the world!

  3. I Love The Dimple Couple …..They are soo Cute and Amazing both talented peopl ei wish them luck and send lots of love :DD Hwaiting!!!! :)) I Hope SomeDay They Might Continue Kang Sora And Letteuk We Got Married…It Was Amazing To Whatch I did Not Regret One Bit of It.loovee youu lots DiMPlE CoUpLe โค โค ๐Ÿ˜€ xxxxxx

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