11 thoughts on “[PICT] Wanting a holding hands :’)

  1. always miss this couple… mbc please air dimple couple more episodes… maybe leeteuk is too busy?? he should rest more… even they’re not meeting now.. i hope they are still contacting each other… why did you unfollow kang sora’s twitter… she still follow you!! hope they’ll end up together ❤

    • Or maybe they never filming wgm again…until this time mbc never said that they will filming againm…and my questions are same with you,why teukie unfollowed soa,and sora still…if he donts like sora they can still being friends right???I don’t understand about teukie right now…

  2. For all DC fans,I read the articles said that Sora will going traveling alone to new york,,and will com back to korea in 17 may….I hope she will have a happy holiday…and she can meet again with teukie soon…

    • In strong heart interview leeteuk said that sora and him are not separated but on strike, they were separated against their will..but I agreed with the previous comments why did leeteuk unfollow sora but sora still follow him..is this a one-way relationship?aaww..it breaks my heart to think that leeteuk didn’t feel anything to sora,for him its all works no string attached,its good that they dont share a kiss.

      • Yes me too,,so sad to thinking about this..what happened with teukie..he do that after mbc said that the show will be cancelled…so its teukie just acting for sora???its bad news…

  3. uhhhh~~~ i really really miss them… when teay r being together looking so wonderful and i*m addicted them ^^ but i*m so sad cuz it*s canceled :((((( I hope we will see them WGM again ^^

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