13 thoughts on “[FANVID] LeeTeuk and Kang SoRa – ForeverMore

  1. I miss them so much..when I can see them again??going mad without them..why mbc do this???

  2. For all dimple couple fans please read the articles in http://www.kangsora.wordpress.com.sora have interview with magazine.in this articles sora never mentioned about leeteuk again just like leeteuk.sora said her close friends now was 2AM jinwoon and jiyeon not leeteuk.maybe the show really over now..because we can see now leeteuk and sora look don’t cares about each other anymore..and let’s not hope anymore about wgm will airing again with teukso.maybe its never gonna happened.

    • I cann’t see the date when the interview had been taken(forgive me if I’m wrong)….. If that taken same time with k-swiss….that’s must be before wgm(dimple couple eps.21) filming….mybe because that teuk show his jealoussy to sora(he ask about jinwoon)…^^
      Until now MBC not yet announce about WGM(cancel/not)….so we still have a hope…but of course I only hope the best for both of them(together/not)……..but deep inside my heart,I still hope they happy together ever after….kkkkkkk ;p

      • I just hope that I can see them again in wgm before teukie and sora have busy schedul again..but now in all the things that the two of them make just like the show never airing again…I miss them s much,and of course I hope they can together in real life..cause I think that sora really like teukie,,but no one knows about teukie fellings..

  3. @maureenloveteukso.. really?.. should i give up waiting for them? at least they ( DC ) should respect the fan. we’re cheering them. and..it will end just like that? i’m disappointed.seriously.

    • @flo,yes sora didn’t say anything about leeteuk again…just like leeteuk…let’s not hope anymore.because its jst make us sad…

      • I really love this couple,but what I read in the articles that i’ve search.it seems that leeteuk don’t have a romantic feelings for sora because he likes other girls and he is vocal about his feelings toward them,he did propose marriage to this girl for 7 year’s now right?and now he is captivated with this IU girl..I think teukie is a flirt man and that’s normal for a man,I really hope that kang sora will not fall for him,because she is a darling,so pure and innocent. I hope leeteuk will not take advantage.

  4. it all memories. i always smile when remembering them. at least we all know about Leeteuk happiness even for short time. i think during this MBC WGM program i see LeeTeuk smile honestly from his heart , he also can rest for a while during this show. did you guys read bout his parent in AllKpop where his parent fight during his schooldays? and how workholic he is. . hope he can find his own happiness.

  5. I just wanna asking,,if we can see Them again in wgm or not???and why teukie unfollowed sora and never followed her again???please help me to find the answer…

  6. Just fyi that’s only teukie oppa unfollowed sora ssi in twitter …but I saw.that sora ssi still follow teukie’s oppa twitter…I think teukie oppa just worried about his real felling…so he unfollowed sora’s twitter sad

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