3 thoughts on “[FANART] Dimple Couple miss each other

  1. I wish that Leeteuk & Kang Sora miss each other for REAL… And I hope that LeeTeuk
    will continue to keep in touch to Kang Sora as well as Kang Sora will keep in touch to
    Leeteuk!… They are perfect couple together inspite of their age gap. I love this couple
    very much!… TeukSora Dimple Couple Fighting!!!… I hope & wish that WGM TeukSora
    Couple will be back on air… before Teuk will go to his military training… Cheers!

    • same here.. i love dimple couple so much… i really wished and prayed that they will end up for real:)

    • I hope so..even now I’m a bit dissapointed about teukie attitude and of course about the twiter but I’m still hope that I can see them again soon.because teukie haven’t much time now..he must go to millitary soon..let’s pray..and I hope all of the events that teukie make for kang sora its not just acting or for show,but its really from his heart.

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