[Twitter Event] Let’s Join us ^^! #WeMissWGM

Do you miss them?
Do you miss WGM?

I’m (again) proposing to have twitter trending project..
Our main purpose is to show that we miss TeukSo and  WGM very much…
simply miss our WGM…

Let the strike go on and hope they will end on the 100th day on the 8th of May…
Meanwhile …let’s just show that we miss WGM

The trending time will be tomorrow, Saturday, 5th of May 2012
Time : 5 PM KST (during WGM airing)
Hastag: #WeMissWGM
You may mention @withMBC, @Dimple_Couple, Teuk account @special1004 and Sora account @reveramess

Since WGM isn’t only Dimple Couple but also Woojung couple inside, I’ll try…once again TRY to ask them (Woojung shippers) who knows they also miss WGM and they want to join our trending…In case they want to…

Please participate in that event… if you have any input, let me know

just one tweet from you it’s really means for us :)..hope we can see our couple again ^^!

(thanks a lot for all FD’s and DC Lovers especialy for @Lil_V, @8102snail, @morraine2)

VinniE @VinnieLyra

7 thoughts on “[Twitter Event] Let’s Join us ^^! #WeMissWGM

  1. I will support this event..because I really love this couple..but,I think we must make our self ready if the dimple story is over.because until now no one knows about dimple story together again….

    • That’s definitely right. I actually feel disappointed about this whole thing since I really love this couple and when I am already getting into WGM, now they’re going to end it? Nooooo… but yes maureen, you are certainly right. We need to get ourselves be ready for the worst I should say.

      • I think now the show is realy being cancelled..I just want to see them again even its the last episode,but I think its never gonna be happened..and know teukie never mentioned about sora again.it look like the show is over.

  2. @maureenloveteukso , If Leeteuk didn’t mention about Kang Sora lately it
    means to say that whatever he says to WGM shows that “he miss Sora all
    the time”… its really fake!!… He should not say like that in the show!, he is
    just a good player…there are lots of things to say to make the show works!,
    but saying you miss her a lot & infact his NOT!, that’s a bit annoying… Its
    bad! he just playing the TeukSora fans!… But whatever it is I will remain to
    love the “TeukSora Dimple couple & Super Junior” … Cheers!

    • Yes I’m agree with you.I think that teukie just wanna make the show being great for the fans..but he don’t think that it make us being sad and dissapointed..and all of his attituted now like this..I’m so sad as sora fans…

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