[INSIGHT] 120502 Leeteuk’s cyworld background update

cr: 朴正洙酒窝特特 @ Baidubar

Do you think Teuk’s background cyworld look a like with the pict below? kkkk…I think he missed their time together..we missed them too right ;____;? reminds me too about Teuk bear and Sora bear.. sobs..


9 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] 120502 Leeteuk’s cyworld background update

  1. Oh God..I miss them so much.I can’t put in words how much I miss this couple.Wondering how Lee Teuk So Ra,those nemo have been..Their Dimple House..Awww~

    • Yes ,,me too….but I think we will never see them again….because until now mbc didn’t give us the real news about them….

  2. I miss TeukSora Dimple Couple very much!… I hope that they will be back on air again
    before Teuk will go to his military training… TeukSora Fighting!… cheers!.

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