[NEWS] 120502 Super Junior’s Leeteuk says, “I wish my wife hears my heartbeat when I wake up”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk said what he wants to do as a newly-married groom.

In the episode of MBC TV’s Joo Byung Jin’s Talk Concert that will air soon, Leeteuk answered to the question, “How do you want your wife to wake you up in the morning?”

Leeteuk said, “I wish my wife gives me a kiss and put her ear to my heart when I open my eyes.”

To the question, “What kind of lunch box do you want your boy or girlfriend to give you?” Leeteuk got laughs by saying, “I wish she hires a buffet caterer.”

Leeteuk also said, “Super Junior couldn’t make a hit without me” and “I supported Eunhyuk a lot,” and talked about his plan for marriage. It will air on May 3.

Source: TV Report

by eternalc2h @en.korea.com

thanks Bungasari for the tip ^^!

Teuk always keep thinking ’bout a kiss which he’s not getting yet..ahhh miss them so much >___< and laugh with his last answer, of course all his answer referring to his wife right :p ?  


9 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120502 Super Junior’s Leeteuk says, “I wish my wife hears my heartbeat when I wake up”

  1. abit confused, i still can’t get which wife he meant here. His “real” wife (when he really really get married)? or “virtual” wife (on reality show wgm)?

    • @leoni merdika, I am confused too of your comments with reagrds to Leeteuk’s wife…
      Is Leeteuk already married for REAL?, and who’s his REAL wife?… We just only know
      Kang Sora as his wife in WGM show, I didn’t know that he is already married…. I just
      hope theat you will reply me!… Thanks!.

    • I don’t think so,,,because since the show being cancelled leeteuk never show his feeling to sora,,but we just see that he never cares to sora..so sad

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