[NEWS] Super Junior’s Leeteuk Expresses Opposition to WGM’s Cancellation

Super Junior’s Leeteuk expressed his feelings regarding the rumored cancellation of MBC “We Got Married.”

On April 12, Leeteuk tweeted, “No, no, please no~We haven’t met that often and just helped a bit…no, no, no~” WGM has been suspended indefinitely and there have been rumors of the show getting cancelled as a whole. Leeteuk’s message is interpreted as his way of showing disappointment in not being able to see his partner, Kang So Ra.

The cancellation rumors started spreading after it was announced that MBC would air MBC Music’s “Music & Lyrics” in place of WGM this week. WGM first suspended its airing for four weeks in February, due to MBC’s labor strike. It resumed airing on March 3, but as the strike continued to last longer, WGM used up all the shows it had pre-recorded on April 7.

However, the producer of WGM told TV Report, “I believe the show will resume airing as soon as the strike is over. I haven’t heard anything about the show’s cancellation from MBC.”

cr: thunderstix @soompi


4 thoughts on “[NEWS] Super Junior’s Leeteuk Expresses Opposition to WGM’s Cancellation

  1. So what is the truth???is the show will cancelled and not airing anymore and forever or it just the impact of the strike…….???please say the truth,,I’m so sad 😦

  2. i hope Kang Sora unnie and Lee Teuk oppa will be married officially and together till the end! they are sooooo nice together!

  3. I hate a show with no ending – the WGM PD should just film and not wait till the strike is over. That will take till December till the election!

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