[FANART] Dimple Couple Wedding

cr: 小香馥@Baidu

This is another awesome fanart ^^! I wish Dimple Couple get a real wedding and we can see Dimple Couple twins babies..Let’s hope for the best and keep your faith DC Lovers 🙂

and so who will attend Dimple Couple wedding ceremony at Jamsil Stadium? hehehe..


7 thoughts on “[FANART] Dimple Couple Wedding

  1. I’m sorry,but I think we got married actually its over.because I’m read from the news in http://www.koreanindo.wordpress.com we got married will stop airing forever,and will be replace with music and lirics.and someone from mbc said that we got married its over like this ….I’m so sad.

    • I hope so,but leeteuk just update his twiter with the news,and it just like the we got married will stop broadcast forever.he’s very sad guys,but mbc can’t undesrtand the situation,please read in http://www.allkpop.com or kpopfever.com.they say the we got married show will stop airing forever.

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