[INSIGHT] A bag that Leeteuk gave for Sora’s birthday ^___^

We all know the things are happiest when our anniversary or birthday is to be close with the people or someone we love and loved us .. but unfortunately not with our Dimple Couple T___T, they were separated because of busy schedule each other (and MBC’s strike)

But as a husband who always care and not wanna missing that precious day, Leeteuk sent a gift birthday package to his wife Sora.

Sora deeply touched by the video footage that Leeteuk made by himself..sobs…

but as a DC Lovers, I was curious about the bag that also Leeteuk gave,kkkk (woman’s eye $____$) .. well this is my search result ..

DC Lovers~..look at that..the bag so similar right ^_______^? I’m so happy :)!! kekekeke…

now here we go~ the bag’s detail..I think Leeteuk is so rich, indeed he is very rich $___$

The Bag’s Brand

The Bag’s Price @____@

really really love this couple..you know what..Leeteuk always wanna give everything to makes Sora happy, we can’t count how many gift that he gave to his wife and the other hands when Sora received this birthday package, she not really interesting with the bag but only care about Teuk’s VCR, she didn’t want anything (like materialistic girl) but she seems so happy just saw Leeteuk..sobs.. :’)

if you wanna see the detail bag :HERE

cr: mjplus.co.kr

Insight by VinniE @VinnieLyra


*please take out this with full credits

14 thoughts on “[INSIGHT] A bag that Leeteuk gave for Sora’s birthday ^___^

  1. This is so thoughtful, a very expensive bag… However, I’d like to mention that Sora enjoyed the video message A LOT… and that meant a lot to her since they couldn’t be together for her birthday!

  2. omg..he is buying it himself?
    for kyuhyun or yonghwa’s case , besides they can buy it theirself too, its probably fans give it to them or L’Inoui’s sponsorship, because yonghwa attending L’Inoui Flagship Store Opening Event

  3. Well, its nice that Leeteuk give an Ipad with a birthday message & expensive Bag
    to Kang Sora as his birthday gift to her!… it means to say that he really cares a lot
    to Kang Sora, but I can see that Kang Sora its not a materialistic woman cause she
    just look at straight away to the ipad message and Kiss Leeteuk face in the Ipad!…
    I love it!… I love TEUKSORA Couple the best among the best!… Fighting!… cheers!.

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