[GIF] Leeteuk embarrassed by talking about skinship and kiss

cr: rcglasses

He said he likes skinship and kiss..but always failed to do that..Our Prince..we only can support you but can not help you :)..LOL XD..just like you said be a man Park Jung Su..aiigoooo..

and I love when Sora called him like a baby “come here…come here…”


4 thoughts on “[GIF] Leeteuk embarrassed by talking about skinship and kiss

  1. Hi hi! I am so happy I found this blog!! I am too jaded to comment on forums anymore thus am so glad I found this little place on the internet that celebrate this couple journey.
    I’ve been watching WGM for 4 years and they are one of the cutest couple (ok Kangin and his wife is cute too… being ELF biased ^^).

    Funny thing, I am an ELF but not the least upset, instead I am living vicariously thru Sora!!! And I love Sora… such a down to earth and well-adjusted young lady… Teukie is proving himself to be more dependable than I imagine… maybe being a leader for a group of naughty boys trained him well haha…

    This Teukie… aigoo he wants to skinship and popo but he is so shy… Always said his cheekbones is going to burst… wahahahaha…

    I really like the “come here, come here” bit that Sora does… kinda like a trademark, she first did it in the amusement park to take pictures, then she did again after that crazy tango part, where Teukie pass the flower to Donghae and here she did again here… so damn cute…It’s like her way of telling her man, “come here quickly bb!”— ok I am imagining… Just thought this series of .gif will be awesome!

    Another trademark I realize is that how they always ask for each other hand, at the furniture shop, at the amusement park when they were sitting at the chairlift and this episode when Teuk hold Sora’s cold hand…

    This couple will make me decombust of sweetness some day… gah! Keep up the awesome job on the blog 

  2. i like him, he is so polite to his lady, we all can see how shy he is to sora when asking abou kiss an bobo.. haha cuti-pie!..

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