[GIF] iPAD kiss??

cr: aikkul and qhyuks

This scene is really touching for me..I cried every time re-watch this moments :’)..

I love Soraโ€™s smile and even more like it because Leeteuk is the reason why she smile..we all knew that Sora cried when she remember her mom T___T..Leeteuk makes baby princess smile again ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe this is unexpected gift for Sora and the fact that Leeteuk took a little bit of his time on busy schedule to make this, it’s the best ^^!

Sora kiss not only the iPad, but right on Leeteuk’s face on display picture..sobs..so sweet~ โค

Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much, and just go where your heart takes you! I love you both..



19 thoughts on “[GIF] iPAD kiss??

  1. i agree 100% with you. they so obviously really do like each other it’s sickeningly cute. (and i LOVE it! hehe)

    unfortunately the cameras make it awkward for them to show their real feelings. also, some ELFs are scary, and i think both of them don’t want for Sora to have the wrath of evil ELFs on her head.

    although what he did for her at SS4 in front of thousands of ELFs sealed the deal lol

    i just wish ELFs would grow up and realize that our members can’t be single, fan-servicing performers forever. they have LIVES.

  2. you know what guys? i watched that soo many times coz’ i’ve seen on their eyes that they miss each other. Actually i’m a little angry to LT when sora’s birthdate coz’ i thought he forgot his wife’s birthday but i’m wrong. they celebrate it in advance ๐Ÿ™‚ i’m super duper touch! So recently, he bought a new iPad coz’ his old iPad was the one that he gave to sora with a video letter and a bag right? :)))

  3. So sweet and touching .. sobs sobs… i actually watch most of the episodes more than 10 times because i want to see whether they are just pretending or real. I think i need to say this as i’ve been keeping it to myself for a long time. U may not agree with me, but it is just my observation. I think Teuk fall in love at 1st sight with Sora, But Sora has grown her love to him as he treated her very well. Sora came with her “self-defense” at their first meeting because Teukie is a Hallyu Star (no doubt) and have millions of fans. Actually, she’s been emphasizing the fact that she want to respect his fans many times in earlier episodes. On Teukie side, as he has aged (ideal to get married) he can’t help falling for her because of several possible factors : 1) She is beautiful; 2) As he get to know her more, she is so sweet and charming and likable as a person; 3) well, i think the tarot reading do contribute to add more reasons for him to fall for her. 4) She can adjust to his group member very well and act as a good sister in law to them… (this is the killing factor i think because he value Super Junior the most). However, when they live their life in reality, especially when they have no wgm filming or long interval between filming, they get back to their sense of reality. That is, the show will end… This effect is obvious in Teuk compared to Sora. He wants to do things, But he really scared that he couldn’t control his own feeling. He didn’t encourage Sora to prepare event for him, cause every time she does, she adds more “love” points. Because every event that Sora prepares give a deep impact to him. hmmmm I want to say a lot more, BUT I have to finish my thesis… I hope, I can write some more later ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks a lot every one. And sorry for writing this long…

    • So true! I completely agree:) i want the strike to stop aleadyyyyyyyy. I want more teukso:( and they haven’t met for more than a month. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • omg this is so true. all of it. this is exactly what i am thinking.

      just the way he looks at her takes MY breath away, not to mention all the sweet things he does for her and vice versa.

      i think leeteuk liked her more first, but i think sora has gradually like him, too. but they have to worry about so many things, those two, *sigh*.

  4. Thanks to you and the team for your efforts. Maybe, I’ll write some more justified observation later…:) I enjoy analyzing their emotion. Hope, their wgm episodes will not end here… the more they meet the stronger their feeling will develop…:)

  5. To Zarina Mohamed:

    You know what? You got the things that exactly we think also to our TeukSo Couple. It’s too long but it was very interesting to read. Can i re-post it? Thank you for sharing your thoughts to us. ๐Ÿ™‚ FIGHTING~! You can easily pass your thesis. Swear ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I agree with you *.* That was so sweet and touching โค Sometimes I think that it's not a virtual couple but real…. Their delicate skinship, their smiles… you know, that gestures have THAT feeling. I think after that time, which they spend with each other, they understand that they really have a feelings for each other. I hope so… And it will so awesome~~
    I hope that they someday will be real couple โค

  7. After seeing this… I am touched and worried…
    Touched… coz its just so damn sweet… they obviously miss each other and how real can it be…
    I think the filming background was Teukie & Donghae room in the dorm coz his keyboard is there(seen it in another program before and it looks like it)…and it looks like the mess of a real room… And I think this was done by Teukie’s initiative coz February is when the strike happen and this means Teukie has arrange for this himself and perhaps notified the staff to have it delivered to Sora and capture this footage.
    My poor Sora bb is so tired… but I think the pressie and Teukie video cheer her up a lot…

    Worried… coz they is no preview… will there be an episode this week?
    Sorry fellow DC, don’t mean to upset you guys… coz I am upset if there is no new episode as well… Let’s hope there will be!

  8. I really agree with everybody here about them being really really cute and so compatible with each other. I’m just a little worried that since the strike they will be awkward with each other again. On the other hand won’t it be so cute because it’s like meeting for the first time and falling in love again. Hope that they can really be a couple not only in tv but in reality.

  9. I am so in love with this couple. They are so damn cute!!….But i’m so sad that there will be no new episodes on wgm coz of the strike starting on the 7th of April….I guess every good things should come to an end, but I’m still very happy to have seen the few episodes on the dimple couple. They have made my day….

  10. he did spend so much on her buying expensives thing etc, it just like movies. where the hero will always trying to make the heroin smile and happy. leeteuk is always give sora suprise, not worry to spend his money as long as he can be with him ( but he must go to work ) , we’all know that he is a workaholic person. and he is a lonely person, and now he found love, i think second one. that he will love with all his heart, ( it so nice falling in love ) โค , <3, <3.. and yes, i totally agree with zarina. leeteuk don't want sora to add 'love point' to him. did you guys remember the part after they perform in new york, he disscussed with shindong about it, he like sora so much ,and afraid he is the only one who really likes her. i so sad thinking there will be separation at the end. T^T..

  11. I’m happy for both.Leeteuk looked so happy and cheerful whenever Sora is around.He did everything he could just to make Sora happy.Sora is just so lucky to has him as virtual husband,and I know she must be grateful for that,and knows how to appreciate it.I love to see them happy,sharing those sweet,memorable moments together.But at the same time,I can’t help but feel sad too,knowing the fact that there would be an end for this couple.Thinking that Leeteuk will serve his country for two years,and wondering if Sora could wait for him,if she really like Leeteuk,as much as Leeteuk likes her.You can say me,just being greedy,but I want,really want Leeteuk and Sora to be together in real life,not just for WGM.I wish,it can be true.

  12. gaaaaah ! I’m so agree with you guys !!! and zarina, love your comment !

    indeed there’s a lot of love going on between them.

    omg reading all your comment reminded me how sad it is … because the series end this year. and leeteuk wont be around for two years. sora might be contacting with idk some guys…
    god please make them together forreal

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