[WGM Preview] 120330 Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.21

Leeteuk ♡ Sora: Dimples House New Family (?)
Teuk husband alone waiting for his wife Sora!
Know that Sora has busy schedules, He prepare something special for his wife,

But fans sent dozens questions! “TeukKang couple! We want to know that! ”
Curiosity about each other on his way, suddenly Sora shed the tears, what sora’s story?

They wanna view some pets and they want unusual pets!
They go to the first store, reptiles~
They see crocodiles, some rare animals such as lizards, what Leeteuk & Sora reaction?

Followed by TeukKang couple go to see the another animals!
Leeteuk & Sola eyes captivated the minds of their pet.
Finally..Leeteuk & Sora went to a fish store!
Pretty fish in the tank and watch them, to raise fish, which cleanse ~
Also gave him the name and the fish gives them a little quality time!
A new family for the first time(?) And how it would look TeukKang couple celebrate it?

cr: MBC

rough trans by VinniE

LOL..Sora, why not you take a snail become your pet as you said to landlord?

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