[NEWS] 120328 Kang Sora “Since MBC’s strike, I haven’t seen Teuk Oppa…”

“Not seen Leeteuk Oppa, that’s pathetic.”

Leeteuk Super Junior’s virtual wife ‘Kang Sora’ said they had not seen for quite some time. MBC is immediately striking. MBC ‘Infinity Challenge’ ‘We Got Married “PD and other major performing arts programs stop because they are surrounded on the front lines made of a general strike.

Kang Sora said “I have not seen Leeteuk due to the strike exceeded approximately 1 month. In the meantime, I was busy with KBS 2TV ‘Dream High 2’ shooting too”.

“Do you want to see Leeteuk?” threw the question to Kang Sora “Yes,” replied her “The more you know who is he and whole he is.. His manners and deep caring. He is One to ten, not a lot of people could learn,” she praised her virtual husband.

cr: 전원 wonwon@ / 이재하 rush@ NATE

rough trans by VinniE

4 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120328 Kang Sora “Since MBC’s strike, I haven’t seen Teuk Oppa…”

  1. I wish that Kang So-ra & Leeteuk will be both married not only in WGM but also in real life.They
    are perfect couple & both are lovely!!!Wish them both success not only in their career but also in marriage life in the future.I’ve watched dimple couple episode 1-20 three times already coz they make me smile & laugh all the time.To dimple couple ,FIGHTING!!!

  2. lee teuk is not sincere n truth to kang sora. If he really likes her will definitely find time to meet her even just five minutes

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