[NEWS] 120328 Kang Sora “My Ideal Person is Leeteuk”

Actress Kang Sora (22) makes envy all the female viewers because she close with 2AM Jinwoon, JB, and Leeteuk, all of them are handsome idol.

Kang Sora, which ended a recent KBS 2TV drama ‘Dream High 2’, and in the drama she gave a newest sensation. Currently she is being broadcast MBC ‘We Got Married’ emerged as a Hallyu star Super Junior’s Leeteuk ‘virtual wife’ is a big success too.

In fact, the actor called Kang Sora began blessing since her debut. In 2009 on ‘Four Hours Mystery’ movie, she made her debut with ‘ brother nation ‘ Yoo Seung Ho.

Compare with Jinwoon, JB, and Lee Teuk, Would you like to know who’s really ‘Sora Style’ ?. Kang Sora said “Leeteuk” without hesitation.

“MBC strikes is more than one month. I didn’t meet Teuk Oppa for a long time, I’d like to see a little of grunge (laughs). Teuk Oppa polite and humble. Manner? Of course, he’s the best.”

cr: 김양수기자 liang@joynews24.com 사진 박영태기자 d3fan@joynews24.com joynews

thanks Hanan Abdul for the tip ^^!

rough trans by VinniE

7 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120328 Kang Sora “My Ideal Person is Leeteuk”

  1. Owhh, she miss him ! I hope they faster meet each other but i know SUJU is busy with their concert in Paris this coming April if i’m not mistaken ):

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