[WGM Preview] 120324 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.20

Leeteuk ♡ Sora: Shall We Dance?
After a double date at amusement park, dinner gathering in a place with a Donghae and Eunseo couple!
Donghae prepare the ‘Waltz event’ and Eunseo choose a special costumes~
Once again Donghae try to get some hands-on practice dating!

Earlier and restless in a special place in advance. Donghae Eunseo waiting for!
Final date for coach Leeteuk & Sora, which in the next room watching this image –
At this point, the emergence Eunseo! They meet again, how it would look?

Became a special dinner for two Donghae & Eunseo!
When the waltz utmost atmosphere ripe, suddenly Leeteuk & Sora appeared!
Waltz time for Donghae and Eunseo (?) Was the waltz and tango to two people – a direct challenge to
Learned from six months couple (?) how would be the couple’s waltz and tango skills lecture?

Leeteuk & Donghae & Eunseo turban and a double-date, versus the long-awaited highlight of the public!

(note: this not a full preview, I just translate related about our Dimple Couple)

cr: iMBC


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