[SPOILER TRANS] 120324 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.20

#WGM cr: @HeequeenTing

Hae & Sora are rehearsing eating at a restaurant.
Hae: What do you like to eat?
Sora: I eat everything.
Hae: Ah… Alcohol..?
Sora: Alcohol..? Wine?
Hae: Yes, wine.

Teuk pretended to be the waiter. Teuk: What do you want to order? Hae: What we prepared just now. Teuk: Did we prepare anything?

Teuk taught Hae how he should talk to Eunseo and Hae asked “Hyung, why do you do it so well?” Sora also asked “why do you do so well?”

Teuk said that he feels like Hae’s parents when he’s teaching Hae how to talk to Eunseo.

Teuk said that Hae can’t drink alcohol. His face will turn red very easily.

Hae: “You like wine? I don’t know much about wine but because it’s a special day today, I learn some before coming.”

Eunseo said that she hope to get newcomer’s award this year. Teuk: “Sora sshi got it. Are you jealous?”

Eunseo: You dance well right?
Hae: No, I can’t dance.
Eunseo: You do it well..
Hae: You saw it? Where?
Eunseo: I saw it on tv and I also searched for it.
Hae: Ah, so you searched for it…

[120324 WGM]
Teuk: When I get married next time, I wish to do it at the Jamsil Olympic stadium with 40000 or 50000 audiences. We will descend from a plane into the stadium and then sit in a convertible sport car and go around the stadium to receive blessings. The first part will be blessing performances by company colleagues and the second part will be the wedding ceremony. After the kiss, there will be balloons released all around the stadium. After that, we will go on a helicopter and go for our honeymoon

[CR:凝幻 | via:teukables]


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