[TWITTER] 120314-17 Leeteuk Twitter Updates

@special1004: (Going to)Vietnam~~Thailand~~I’ll be back~^^ Thank you for coming to meet us at the airport everytime!!!^^xie~xie~~Arigatou~!!^^

@special1004: Few hundreds of Vietnamese fans who are waiting at the hotel as well after the concert ended!!!Thank you ㅠㅠ I love you…

@special1004: Now please go back~ㅠㅠCuz it’s not good for staying too late!^^ Thanks for your warm and beautiful heart!! Vietnam is the best!!!xin chào*!!!!!^^ (ps: it means Hello in Vietnamese :D

@special1004: (We’re) going down!!! Wait for uS Vietnamese ELF!!!^^

@special1004: I’m feeling easy since I went down to see!!^^ Now Vietnamese ELF, go back home and have a sweet dream!!!^^

@special1004: Here’s Thailand!! Now the concert is gonna start in few minutes!!^^ Let’s create a fun time!! It was me and manager hyung (at) Vietnam hotel yesterday~

@special1004Thai~!!!always..Thank U..!!

@special1004: Tomorrow is the 3rd and last concert!! I can’t be exhausted!! Did I go too over…My stamina is really low…ㅠㅠLet’s keep it up!!!!

@special1004 : Our Noona whom I feel are Still bit awkward, Happy Birthday!!! ^ ^;; How many Times that I will not disclose everything she hasn’t she HAS get married since her Birthday ~ ~ Happy birthday ㅋ ㅋ ! Stay Healthy!! pic .twitter.com/TwimSC5Q


Source: @special1004

Translation by: @Jinn8812elf


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