[WGM Preview] 120317 Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.19

Leeteuk ♡ Sora: Donghae couple of lecture
Leeteuk & Sora, Donghae & Eunseo enjoy a double date at an amusement park!
The couple tees naemyeo nunsseolmaejang couples for items with utmost to face ~
Nunsseolmaejang ridden alone to lift the East and eunseo whether the appearance?

Four people arrived in enjoy fun ride!
After that, go back for several rides –

In the middle afternoon Eunseo will attend awards ceremony scheduled!
Donghae wanna escort Eunseo to the Awards place and
Leeteuk & Sora remains in an amusement park with more time to play ~

Donghae & Eunseo : Awards ceremony to get ready to go!
After meeting with Leeteuk & Sora, the couple in a car alone again ~
What Donghae specially gift prepared for Eunseo in the morning?

On the other hand, Leeteuk & Sora go to the animal exhibition at amusement park!
Fox, strange animals, such as touching looking to 90000000000000000 ~
At this point, Leeteuk terrorizes a fearsome (?) Identity, what are the story?

Eunseo prepare in the salon for the Awards ceremony!
during the transformation, she writing a letter to give to Donghae ~
Hand-written letter for the first time what she really want to say?

Towards Donghae & Eunseo Chapter Awards!
Failed to properly singing in blind date, now Donghae singing songs again!
Practice as if you can sing this well?
Donghae was beginning really stick Love Love (?) Could be reborn as?

cr: iMBC

rough trans by : VinniE

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