[TWITTER] 120310-13 Leeteuk Twitter Updates

@special1004: Let’s have fun till tomorrow on Macau Concert!! ^^ ah!! I’m looking forward to France +_+ our first solo concert!!! See you in France!! Bon Jour~~ ^^

@special1004: First concert in Macau… What kind of hair style shall i make tomorrow? ^^ It’s seems like curly hair goes fine on me.. reminds me of my mom.. hahaha pic.twitter.com/3DQLl2ui


@special1004: I’m back to Korea after finishing the concert in Macau nicely!!^^ Thank you to fans who cheered for us passionately in these 2 days!!^^ Vietnam is the next and Thailand and France, see you again at there!! And to fans who came to airport to meet us, get back sefely! Oh So cold~~+_+

@special1004: Let’s meet in France ^ ^.

Translations by: flitto.com

@special1004: Meet me in Vietnam!^^

Translation by: @TaiwanLuvSJ

Source: @special1004


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