5 thoughts on “[GIF] Their weakness = Bed

  1. i think that’s YOUR weakness teukkie XD
    in the episode where they picked up the furniture and they were under the covers of the bed, teukkie could NOT stop looking at her. i think he was thinking some naughty thoughts of skinship and kisses. XD
    that’s why he had to get up, because he was too comfortable with the idea of sharing a bed with her. he said “i’m a man, too, sora! let’s not play this game anymore…”

  2. They really look good together. I think Leeteuk oppa is really happy being with Sora beside him and thinking of how they will sleep together and (maybe) ended up having some naughty thoughts, then talked about the fertility dolls instead, which I think just added more smiles on both of them (probably remembering what the fortune teller told them) LOL … ^^,

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