[SPOILER TRANS] 120310 WGM Leeteuk & Sora : Dimple Couple Ep.18

#WGM They’re testing the bed and Teuk asked Sora which side she likes. Sora: “Which side should the girl sleep?” Teuk: “The comfortable side.” So Teuk let her test both sides and choose which one she prefers.
LOL Teuk’s weak point = the bed. Whenever they sit on the bed, he will get off quickly and say “nono let’s get off the bed!”
#WGM Sora suggesting making breakfast. Teuk: “Can you do it? I’m not going to help you with anything.” Sora: “I can do it!”
#WGM Hae called Teuk.
Hae: Hyung, where are you?
Teuk: I’m in my new house. Cos I’m married.
Hae: Are you going to abandon our team?
Teuk: No.. I should take care of my family first.

#WGM Sora peeled the apple but she peeled off too much of the skin. Teuk: The apple became so small! Sora: I need to be on diet!

#WGM Looking at Sora’s fail cooking, Teuk: “I think I’ve to be the one cooking in future.”

#WGM Sora said she’s done cooking before. But she’s not doing well cos Teuk is beside her and she’s nervous.

!!! Teuk can cut fruits so well!!!

#WGM Teuk burned the bread and he said “let’s just give this to Donghae.”
Sora: How can we do that!
Teuk: Donghae likes burned stuff! He always cooked meat till it’s burned before eating.
Sora: He likes well-done steak?

#WGM Hae came to TeukSora’s house. Hae: There’s no slippers? Teuk: Don’t have. Hae: !!! Teuk: Really don’t have!

#WGM Hae looked at TeukSora’s agreement and said “this is the most important! No matter how much you quarrel or hate each other, you have to sleep at the same place.” Teuk: “Well said!”

#WGM Teuk said that Sora speaks English well. Hae started his English conversation: “Really? Why are you from? Nice to meet you!” Then he shook Sora’s hands. Teuk: “Nono! No touch!” Hae: “Why? American style!” And he wanted to hug Sora but Teuk hugged him instead.

#WGM Teuk was showing off to Hae about how natural TeukSora are now. Hae: “Then show me bobo now!”

#WGM TeukSora kept feeding each other and Hae opened his mouth to Teuk & wants to be fed too. Teuk: “Don’t you have hands?” Hae immediately let go of his utensils and said “Don’t have”

#WGM Hae said he actually can’t remember what happened when he first met EunSeo cos he’s too nervous

#WGM Teuk asked Hae to rehearse how he should call EunSeo. But Hae kept failing. So Teuk said “You should just live alone!”

#WGM Teuk to Hae: “During the first date, Eunhyuk-ie, Kyuhyun-ie and Sungmin-ie all opened the car door for the girls, only you didn’t!”

#WGM They’re rehearsing on how Hae should talk to EunSeo on the car. Hae kept looking at Sora when he’s “driving”. Teuk: “There’ll be an accident if you keep looking at her while driving!!”

trans by : @HeequeenTing


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