[TWITTER] 120308-09 Leeteuk Twitter Updates

@special1004: I was wondering that you guys might not be seeing me now after i stop doing radio but we keep sticking together..at premier..fashion show ㅋㅋEunhyuk ah ㅋㅋ Seems like it can’t be helpㅋㅋWe’re still appear as duo ㅋㅋ Be careful not to catch a cold everyone! I got a bad cold pic.twitter.com/5zROsvbA


@special1004: Launched Marni ~ ^ ^ ~ ~ ~ It seems like a raincoat boy* *”Raincoat boy” is a Korean cartoon character  pic.twitter.com/hljQewB6


@special1004: People always complain about time is not enough but still act like time will be keep going forever..

@special1004: Macau is the place before our debut, for shooting and contained the pictorial.. The place where with full of happiness memories.. Now we are going to Macau to hold a personal concert^^ We always be challenges in the new history! We are just.. SUPER JUNIOR!!

@special1004: Korean ELF, Japan E.L.F!! I’m always the no.1!!!^^ Because I join it very early!!!^^ ㅋㅋpic.twitter.com/KPWcrFTY


@special1004: Korean ELF^^ Japan E.L.F, I’m the no.1^^ Envy??? Because I will protect SuJu forever!! pic.twitter.com/nyWmdPoO


@special1004: Thank you to the fans who came all the way to the airport since before daybreak!!^^ Go home carefully!! We’ll do the concert well and come back!! We’ll work hard until our bones feel like they’re broken and come home!!^^ Thank you!! Xie xie!! Arigatou gozaimasu!! ^_^

@special1004: I want you to write an article based on fact. Please check the fact…. I want you to read this~ and I know you are reading it right? If I didn’t say it , what were you trying to do?

Source: @special1004

Translations by: flitto.com


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