[TWITTER] 120221-22 Leeteuk Twitter Updates

@special1004: わたしはみなさんのために日本語の勉強をしています。ははは

[TRANS] @special1004: I am studying Japanese for you guys. Ha ha ha

@special1004: @imSML wwwぼくは にほんご じょうずですはははは

[TRANS] @special1004: @imSML My Japanese is good hahahaha 

@special1004: 대기실 모습 규현이는 양치 동해는 인터넷 예성이는 심령사진 ㅋㅋㅋ

 [TRANS] @special1004: In the waiting room, Kyuhyun is brushing his teeth, Donghae playing the internet and Yesung like a poltergeist (on picture) kkekkekke


@special1004: 가온차트 시상식에 많은 분들 와주셨는데요~!감기조심하시구요!!늘 감사합니다!!!

[TRANS] @special1004: A lot of people came to Gaon Chart Ceremony~! Be careful not to catch a cold!! I always thank you !!!

Source: @special1004

Translations by: flitto.com


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