[TWITTER] 120216-18 Leeteuk Twitter Updates

@special1004: 싱가폴!!!^^여전히 아름다운곳~~!!

[TRANS] @special1004: Singapore!!!^ ^ Still beautiful places ~ ~!!

@special1004: 선택이란 선택하지않은것에 대한 지불이다~참 와 닿는말 우린 이미 답을 알고있지만 모두가 착한사람만이 되기위해 그결정을 망설이며 온갖변명들을 늘어놓는다..정답인거 같다

[TRANS] @special1004: A decision made is a payment forthe other options which weren’t chosen~Such an impressive phrase. Although we already know the answer, but because everyone only want to be a kind person so we hesitate about the decision and keep making all the excuses..Seems like it’s the correct answer.

@special1004: 모두들 당신들의 삶에 건투를 빈다!!결국 누구를 위해서 사는 삶이 아닌 자기자신을 위한 삶이니..

[TRANS] @special1004: Everybody pray for your life’s struggle!!After all, who live lives that life’s not for oneself.

@special1004: 오늘은 어제 죽은 자들이 그토록 기다렸던 내일이다..오늘도 소중히 최선을 다하길…!!!^^

[TRANS] @special1004: Today is yesterday’s dead so much awaited is tomorrow …Even today, cherish the best way …!!!^^

Source: @special1004

Translations by: flitto.com


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